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Unitized Curtainwall Systems

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Unitized Curtainwall Systems

Unitized curtainwall systems are engineered to be fully assembled and glazed in the factory environment which provides dramatic improvements in quality and performance. This feature, in addition to the increase in speed of field erection has made these systems the “State of the Art” in curtainwall facades.

NEC has built our business around the design, manufacture, and installation of monumental and standard unitized systems. Our HVU series curtainwall system is a well-tested and proven system with a long list of projects across the country.

Benefits of Unitized Curtainwall:

  • Factory assembled, providing enhanced quality control

  • High performance systems (thermal, air, water, dynamics)

  • Adaptability to modern design concepts

  • Accelerated, year round field erection

  • Accommodation of multiple spandrel systems (glass, metal panels, stone, terra cotta, etc.)

Performance Criteria:

The HVU Series was developed to meet the design requirements of modern commercial structures including performance characteristics such as:

  • Exceptional air & water infiltration performance

  • Advanced thermal performance demanded by northern climates

  • Dynamic design characteristics accommodating building movements

  • Demanding quality control standards allowed by factory construction

Design Options:

Versatile system design that allows for many variations in configuration & adaptability such as:

  • System depths varying from 5-1/2” to 9”

  • Captured or structural silicone glazed in any combination

  • Rainscreen spandrel options including but not limited to terra cotta, natural stone, metal panel

  • Dual wall & motorized shade systems

  • Integrated sunshade systems (vertical & horizontal)

  • Window washing retention systems

  • Zero sightline vent windows with BMS motorization & management

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